• Billy
    Billy: Our hero falls asleep watching SMOSH videos and becomes a super hero in his 8-bit dreams. Use his propeller hat, weapons skills and agility to esplode evil flying heads and SMOSH enemies to escape from this horrifying nightmare.
  • Weapons
    Weapons: Find these floating boxes and trade up for new firepower.
  • Chili Pepper
    Chili pepper: The gas from eating these hot chili peppers creates a massive bubble of defense. Don't let them burst!
  • Lollypops and Donuts
    Lollypops and Donuts: Multi-score your freaking face off and get more coins. Yummy.
  • A bevy of body-less baddies are bound to bruise Billy's bodacious booty. Blast them!
  • Flamingo
    Flamingo: More than just plastic lawn ornaments. Get away from my flamingo!
  • UFO
    UFO: We have no idea why these are here. It's Billy's nightmare. He must have been watching E.T. or something before those SMOSH videos.
  • Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig
    Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig: This inebriated cursing rodent will snatch your life away faster than you can say f****** mother f***** s***.
  • Boxman
    Boxman: He's just a box, man. The best of the land, and, a tan man who's a fan... of... I don't know, I suck at rhyming.
  • Teleporting Fat Guy
    Teleporting Fat Guy: By using the time-travelling power glove of destiny, Robbie Lee Phillips Jr. has transformed his gelatinous body mass into, well, a teleporting gelatinous body mass... with wrist rockets.
  • Happy Cow
    Happy Cow: Of course this cow is happy. Wouldn't you be happy if you could fly and shoot lasers out of your eyes?
  • Ian Hecox
    "You got Anthony's stupid emo hair totally wrong!" -Ian Hecox
  • Anthony Padilla
    "You got Ian's stupid bowl haircut totally wrong!" -Anthony Padilla
  • You
    Best Feature in the World: YOU and your FRIENDS (and your grandma and your dog) can be part of Billy's nightmare too. We'll capture your head, and you'll join in the head esplodin' fun!
MOST VIOLENT GAME EVER!?! Headshot Hardware Say Cheese! Give Us The Finger Protect Your Neck Know Thy Enemy Big A$$ Coins Milky Marauders TFG Has A BFG Infinite Headache

    Ian is forced to see a therapist (Anthony) who is convinced he is becoming violent after playing our new game, Super Head Esploder X.

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  • "Esplode?! You didn’t even spell it right, idiot!" -some kid on the internet
  • "Best game on the planet!"- Anthony Padilla
  • “Headshot!"- Abraham Lincoln
  • "This game is too violent! And that fake quote from Lincoln is so wrong!"- Ian’s mom
  • "Super Head Esploder X is so good, I wish I could have played it every day that I’ve been alive!"- Edward Cullen